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AirTran Airways Logo Usage


The official AirTran Airways logos are provided for your convenience. Our logo is a valuable asset and we ask that you take care to ensure correct application in every instance. You must follow these usage guidelines.

The AirTran Airways identifiers are registered trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. They may never be altered or redrawn in any way. Changing any graphic element will dilute its impact and detract from our brand consistency. If you have any questions or doubts concerning the use of identifiers, please contact us directly.

Below are examples of some unacceptable uses of the AirTran Airways identifiers.

  • Do not use the "a" from AirTran in a stand-alone situation. There is a specific "a" for such occasions.
  • Do not separate the plane or jet stream from the logo.
  • Do not change the letter spacing of the identifier or alter the placement of any elements.
  • Do not substitute other typefaces for the logotype.
  • Do not place the identifier on a heavily patterned background.
  • Do not enclose the identifier in any shapes.

Terms of Use

The use of the marks presented on airtran.com by any person other than the media or our corporate partners is prohibited by law unless expressly licensed or approved by AirTran Airways. By downloading AirTran Airways logos from this website, you agree to use our marks in accordance with the guidelines below.

Logos are provided at 300 dpi in multiple formats.

    AirTran  “swoosh”

 AirTran Logo

 AirTran Logo

 AirTran Logo

2-Color Black & White Reversed (white - for use on dark background)

    AirTran "a"

a Logo in Green
a Logo in Blue
a Logo in Black
a Logo in Reversed

Teal Blue Black & White Reversed (white - for use on dark background)

    AirTran "A+ Rewards "

  a+ logo in blue

  a+ logo in reverse

Blue & White

Black & White

   Aircraft Illustrations

         717 Tail

 717 Full Plane

 737 Full Plane

717 Tail 717 Full Plane 737 Full Plane

    Logo Colors

 green swatch

 blue swatch

 red swatch

  • C: 100 M: 0 Y: 47 K: 30
  • PMS 328
  • C: 100 M: 43 Y: 0 K: 18
  • PMS 301
  • C: 0 M: 91 Y: 75 K: 0
  • PMS 185
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